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Medium: Acrylics

Support: Slim Canvas (Wrapped)

Size: 122 x 89 x 2.5cm

Frame: Unframed

Year: 2015


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39 'The Sea'

Colour: Orange
  • 'The Sea is mysterious, it contains many aspects that are amazing and truly inspiring. From tributaries feeding the sea, islands, corals, creatures and the unexplained. The piece has been produced in respect of the amazing adventurer and work of Mr Jacques Cousteauu. This is a world we rarely experience and the piece provides a multi-faceted view of corals, reefs, sand, fish, canyons, islands, tributaries - and as you gaze into these features more comes to life.' An atmospheric, awe-inspiring one of a kind abstract painting on a quality, stretched with slim edge cotton canvas to ensure excellent quality combining heavy weight medium grain cloth. This is a lovely gallery-wrap canvas where all securing methods such as staples or nails are to the rear, resulting in clean canvas edges if you wish to hang without a frame. 'The Sea' is created using quality, high pigmented acrylics applied using only a knife and layered over time using colours such as Verilion, Ultramarine, Deep yellow, Raw Umber and Black. The surface is protected with multiple layers of clear glaze of UV varnish to protect against sunlight and dust. It is signed on the front and on the back with Carl Philip’s self-styled Certificate of Authenticity. This piece has no frame and ready to hang in your chosen area.

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