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  • NFT interest

    I've started to NFT my artwork, here's an interesting link: BBC News: Banksy-inspired NFT drives 'seismic' change in art world.

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  • Interesting on Van Goghs

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  • Special Offer | Carl Philip Art

    special OFFER This artwork below has a special discounted price for a limited time only. Find out all details in the shop 15% OFF virgoan aura This painting is dedicated to Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame, surrounded by her Virgoan aura. Completed in a stunning professional black frame, mounting and glass. ​ ​ VISIT SHOP

  • VR Gallery Reception | Carl Philip Art

    FLOOR G 1 2 3 4 5 EXIT shop reception carl philip's virtual reality gallery This Virtual Reality (VR) fine art gallery presents Carl Philip's art works from the beginning. ​ GROUND FLOOR This reception area (with drinks) contains 2 showcase areas and entry to the shop to purchase any original paintings. ​ FLOORS 1,2,3 + Each floor contains the following paintings: ​ 1: LIFEart including portraits ​ 2: LANDart includes landscapes works of art and also includes all works associated with the Potteries skylines included in the Vantage Point exhibition. ​ 3: BOTANICALart contains all pieces related to botanical flowers. ​ 4: CYBERart exhibits all the digitally created artwork produced by Carl Philip. ​ 5: ABSTRACTart contains all the artworks belonging to abstract representation. ​ Press EXIT to return to normal Carl Philip's web pages. ​ this space needs art Navigation Click on any of the floor levels buttons above the main image to travel in the lift and enter the floor you need. this space also needs art Gallery Floors Once you enter the floor gallery you wish to explore, each wall will be automatically scrolled from right to left after 10 seconds. If you want o manually control left to right etc. then click on the arrows on the left or right of the main image.

  • Art | Carl Philip Art

    art Gallery The gallery contains previously sold works of art. If you like a particular style let me know for an affordable commissioned work of art that would suit both your preference and your home décor. ​ Click on the titles below to access the category you wish to explore. LAND Including the Vantage Point Collection ​ ABSTRACT ​ CYBER Including Vibration Collection : Only available through OpenSea (Cryptocurrency) LIFE Including ICON: Head Vibe Series ​ ​ BOTANICAL ​

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