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This website by British painter

Carl Hodges, signing as Carl Philip, features all contemporary works of art completed to date, current works for sale, exhibitions, news and hints on works to come in the future.

The website pages can all be accessed by using the menu at the top of each page as well as links within each page. Each drop down menu has its own submenu, providing further details.

Under the art page the four main categories are listed Abstract, Land, Life and Botanical. If you need wall art, digital art, original art in your home or office then why not invest in a Carl Hodges work of art. 

In the Shop page you can find whats available to buy immediately.

The pages under About & Bio provide buying art guides, a focus on a particular piece of art by Carl Hodges, Art web links to other galleries and materials I use. 


Self taught, passionate about exploring new ideas and styles, Carl Hodges has interest around the world.

Contact me on:

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