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Please find below a step by step mini guide on how to decide on your contemporary artwork by British painter Carl Hodges.

Step 1: Likeability

Select art that you like. If it doesn't do anything for you - forget it.

Yes, step one is that simple but to define what you like can mean a little searching within yourself. 

So, let's dive in a little deeper...

Step 2: Emotion

It's your home and your own place that makes you feel how you want to feel - find art that pleases you in all the right ways. So to define this correctly choose the emotions you like for that room; for example relaxing or comforting. Alternatively, dynamic, energetic or even morose. Define the mood to satisfy what you like can help.

Step 3: Size

Size is important. Large walls generally require large pieces but you can have say a triptych (1 piece made of 3 pieces) or a diptych (2 of). Here are some general rules I like to adopt:

1. The piece should be about 3/4 the length of your couch

2. A gap of 200mm above your couch or fittings

3. Group small pieces together

4. The gap at the bottom e.g. 200mm should be mirrored above the piece so check your wall height to the bottom of any coving.

5. If you want a deep canvas e.g.25mm you may not need to frame especially

if its painted around the edges which I like to complete.

Step 4: The Tie-in

The tie-in means a reference or similarity to something else in the room. This can either be a style, a colour or tone, a pattern, a material e.g. wood effect or marble, a particular effect e.g. a specific 2-tone.


So have a look around your room with objects or materials you like and find an artwork

that can reflect this style. Also, see the colour theme chart below. 


Note: You could always have artwork commissioned to reflect your desires. 

Colour Themes

are provided to give you a feel of the colours you could choose for your room. They may be themes that easily sit with one another, or can be in stark contrast.

Have a look to check out which theme suits your room best, not just for the art but the decor and furniture as well.

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