The gallery contains previous sold works. If you like a particular style let me know for an affordable commissioned work of art that would suit both your preference and your home decor.



LIFEart contains examples of previous works of art including figures, portraits and anything to do with the human body.


This also includes Amy Winehouse from the ICON: Head Vibe Series (more in The Shop) and the fascinating story of Lidia Logie who survived a ship wreck many years ago off the coast of South Africa.

Other ICONs include Ed Sheeran, Marilyn Monroe, Robbie Williams and Liam & Noel Gallagher.




LANDart offers any type of painting to do with our environment and can include the sea and beyond or planet.


The following Potteries Landscapes collection is a set of art works dedicated to Stoke-on-Trent's history and the many world renowned pottery companies producing ceramics.

Included are the 'Vantage Point' works of art produced in 2019 bringing dynamic, colourful and unique perspectives of actual and fantasy factory skylines.

Other paintings available to buy are located on The Shop page.



The successful Pottery mini series was produced using watercolours, acrylics and pen on paper and captured many spontaneous colours and perspectives of different bottle kiln designs and landscapes.

The beautiful colours within the watercolour skies where created using brush, whereas the bottle kiln ovens and factory skylines are formed with palette knife and mixing specific colours onto the knife where a single movement can create multiple colour blending.​



other landart

LANDSCAPES produced by Carl Philip contain a number of different styles and mediums from pencil to fluid acrylics and oils.




The BOTANICALart collection presents a number of art works representing flowers. As well as realistic and colourful Carl Philip's Revolution series began as flowers, twisted and contorted as alternative views of beauty.



vibration collection


This superb collection of digital art works delves into the world of vibration and energy represented by different shapes and their interactions. As we are increasingly finding out in the real world, science is proving that all mater is based on energy and perhaps we interact in the rel world in ways we cannot see but our 'intuition' may be the doorway to understanding our true contribution to life.

Any of these works are available to buy as a print. Simply contact me to receive your signed print, produced at my local art gallery with fantastic quality production and framing.





The ABSTRACTart Collection brings together a huge array of diverse, dynamic and powerful artworks. It is a combination of various supports such as canvas, paper, glass, perspex using watercolours, acrylics and oils.

It also includes subject matters such as night skies, prisms used in science and industry, fire, the universe and energy.

This collection will grow as Carl Philip loves the use of fluid acrylics and layering to produce certain effects.




BEGINNINGS showcases Carl Philip's very early work, practising techniques on all subjects from cloud formations to local scenes. It has been quite journey and far from over.


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