From art to me and back to art.




'My work is about energy, spirit and vibe.'

Since 1997 British self-taught artist 'Carl Philip' Hodges has applied his drawing and creative skills with gusto to produce superb works of affordable modern contemporary art. 


Drawing and sketching from a very early age and later educated in engineering Carl Philip first presented his works at local art galleries with particular success at the Art of England exhibition. His works used abstract patterns and distorted reality alongside powerful colours with energy and vibe in The Revolution series - catching the eye of many clients. Other types of more traditional paintings can be seen, such as the, 'Aphroditie's Beach' in Greece and 'Morning Flight' over the rooftops of Florence, Italy.

In 2015 an explosion of freedom in colour and energy were formed in Carl Philip's work using layering techniques, forced drying and fluid acrylics. This style has progressed more recently into producing stunning sky colours merging into landscapes of his home town of Stoke-on-Trent and the old-style bottle kilns used in the pottery industry many years ago.


Carl Philip exhibits many of his works using solo exhibitions only.

He lives in Stoke-on-Trent with his beautiful wife Jayne and two funny-duddy cats.


'At the moment I am working on local landscapes developing my technique using palette knives with acrylic layering on many subjects including bottle oven kilns used in the the old pottery industry. I like the method of applying different layers with heavy and light paints and also the challenge of applying two colours that retain their original colour whilst on one knife. This requires careful application and manipulation over time with the added dynamics of working over not just dry but also other wet layers to achieve the desired effect.

This technique is now becoming a style and something I want to further develop and also expand onto other more abstract paintings.

The results are very rewarding and the particular style of the above method where the old buildings and structures of the pottery industry decay into the skies with ghostly effect. Their original structural form is lost in time.


I hope you like the finished works.'



If you would like something special, a commissioned work of art can be produced at very affordable pricing.

This could be to replicate an artwork you have seen on my website or perhaps a special abstract with unique colour to match your home or office.

Whatever your preference in style, colour, size or frame let me know and I will draw up a variety of different works and submit these to you until you are happy to go ahead with the actual work of art.


Your wish is my aim.


Currently Carl Philip's work can be also viewed in the flesh at two local fantastic galleries: The Art Studio Gallery and Castle Art both in Newcastle-under-Lyme. These include latest art works and you are more than welcome to view and discuss.


Before any physical efforts start in preparing canvases, mixing paints or sketching the actual fashioning of conceptualisation can start in the day or even asleep at night. This approach is best summed up by Pablo Picasso,


"Everything you can imagine is real" 

The imagination requires freedom. A freedom to capture thoughts, emotions, experiences and energy that are all so important to have a spiritual dance that can form into reality - for me this is in painting and digital creations of wall art.

Past and current memories from all the senses can be used to spark ideas. As they begin to seed in my mind a short period of reflection time through meditation is allowed to solidify those visualisations that give motivation to create my art.  

A process

Before any painting the general approach I adopt is personal to me and maybe not for be for anyone. I know this from trying many different styles of painting over the years.

I can't paint one piece at a time - as mood plays a very important part of the painting mechanism.


Right mood - right results


This is why I normally have three or more - even ten different pieces on the go at any one time. If I need to express energetic spontaneity with quick mind and physical movements then focusing on an abstract piece is perfect with e.g. the band Muse playing in the background. If the mood is thoughtful then classical or meditative sound is appropriate.

Simple really, but not predictable. I regularly perform and apply my own meditation techniques developed since I was 17 that allows universal freedom of energy to help form my works of art both before and during application.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
― Vincent Willem van Gogh