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Hi everyone - we still live in unusual times in 2021 with the virus and its influence over our day-to-day lives.


Stay safe and be kind to each other.

October 2021

Carl Philip is currently showing works of art at Castle Art and the Art Studio Gallery.

May 2021

Carl Philip is planning a special solo exhibition to be held in one of Stoke-on-Trent's local towns this summer. It will be a very special event working with a local gallery and a range of new, works will be on display to view and buy. Carl Philip will be in attendance, available for a catch-up and discuss aspects of the show's artwork.

Special interest: Abstract / Local Scenes / Landscapes.

December 2020

Great news, sold two more Potteries art works through The Art Gallery / Castle Art.

If you wish to purchase an original work of art (or even a print) use the contact page and let me know which art work (including unique art number), description, size required (print), if you require the original or print framed, your location and my gallery will quote you a full price including delivery if you need it.

September 2020

I have delivered a number of new pieces to Castle Art for exhibition. Let the gallery know as more pieces are stored safely if you require a visit to view them personally alongside the super service provided by Nigel. 

February 2020

Carl Philip is displaying his latest artworks at Castle Art from February 2020. The preview evening on Wednesday 19th was super fun and great to see a wonderful turnout.

January 2020

Just updating my website (hope you like the new layout - please let me know what you think) and thought I would drop you my latest developments. After a great 'Vantage Point' art exhibition in 2019 I am now focused on producing more potteries based works of art due to high demand.

Bring new  life to your home



 Exhibition 2019 - Vantage Point Art Show

Solo Art Exhibition - bringing together three personal subjects; my home town Stoke-on-Trent and its old factory buildings, unusual skies and astronomy. During my research I was amazed at how many different styles of factories there were including bottle-kiln ovens, chimneys, warehouses and their arrangements to each other - making each factory unique in its macro skyline. As for the skies I have experimented with fluid acrylics produced by controlling the paints in such a way as to form visually stunning pieces. The skies then flow into the immense backdrop  of our galaxy in what I all Universal roots –referring to all the building blocks of life and our planets materials including clay. It is very rewarding work in the end.




Renaming Website 2018                

Carl Philip now resides on

Staffordshire Life Magazine 2017       

Carl Philip now has a page in the latest October issue now out in the shops.


Exhibition 2017 - ICON Head Vibes           

Solo Art Exhibition 'ICON Head Vibe & Abstracts' @ The Art Studio.
26th August (Opening Day 2-4pm) to 16th September 2017 excluding Bank Holidays.

A BIG Thank-you

Thank you to Victoria and Steve at The Art Studio Gallery and everyone who attended the opening show - it was an absolute pleasure and what a fantastic atmosphere.


July 2016             

Show @ Zest Café Bistro, Stoke-on-Trent

July 2016             

Article @ Staffordshire Life Magazine         

May 2016            

Solo Show @ The Art Studio, Stoke-on-Trent

July 2006             

Show @ John Hunt Gallery, Leek

June 2006           

Article @ Art of England Magazine                          
June 2006           

Show @ Art of England Art, Stoke-on-Trent

May 2006            

Article @ The Sentinel

June 2002           

Show @ Comca Gallery, Manchester      

June 2002           

Sarah Dwyer Collaboration @ Churasco's Wine Bar, Stone-on-Trent